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2023 Bookish Books Reading Challenge

My Progress:

23 / 30 books. 77% done!

20 Books of Summer 2023

My Progress:

17 / 20 books. 85% done!

2023 Literary Escapes Challenge

- Alabama (2)
- Alaska (1)
- Arizona (1)
- Arkansas
- California (12)
- Colorado (1)
- Connecticut (3)
- Delaware (1)
- Florida (1)
- Georgia (1)
- Hawaii (1)
- Idaho (1)
- Illinois
- Indiana (1)
- Iowa (1)
- Kansas (1)
- Kentucky (1)
- Louisiana (1)
- Maine (3)
- Maryland (2)
- Massachusetts (3)
- Michigan (2)
- Minnesota (1)
- Mississippi (1)
- Missouri (1)
- Montana (1)
- Nebraska (1)
- Nevada
- New Hampshire (1)
- New Jersey
- New Mexico (1)
- New York (11)
- North Carolina (4)
- North Dakota (1)
- Ohio (3)
- Oklahoma
- Oregon
- Pennsylvania (1)
- Rhode Island (1)
- South Carolina (1)
- South Dakota
- Tennessee (1)
- Texas (4)
- Utah (1)
- Vermont (3)
- Virginia
- Washington (3)
- West Virginia (1)
- Wisconsin (2)
- Wyoming
- Washington, D.C.* (1)


- Australia (3)
- Canada (7)
- Chile (1)
- England (20)
- France (2)
- Ireland (2)
-Italy (1)
- Scotland (2)
- South Korea (1)
- Sweden (1)
- The Netherlands (2)
-Vietnam (1)

My Progress:

42 / 51 states. 82% done!

2023 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge

My Progress:

25 / 25 books. 100% done!

2023 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge

48 / 50 books. 96% done!

Booklist Queen's 2023 Reading Challenge

My Progress:

49 / 52 books. 94% done!

2023 52 Club Reading Challenge

My Progress:

46 / 52 books. 88% done!

2023 Build Your Library Reading Challenge

My Progress:

34 / 40 books. 85% done!

2023 Pioneer Book Reading Challenge

29 / 40 books. 73% done!

2023 Craving for Cozies Reading Challenge

My Progress:

13 / 25 books. 52% done!

2023 Medical Examiner's Mystery Reading Challenge

Book Bingo Reading Challenge

20 / 25 books. 80% done!

2023 Pick Your Poison Reading Challenge

My Progress:

87 / 109 books. 80% done!

Children's Book Reading Challenge...For Adults!

Latter-day Saint Authors

This button identifies reviews of books by authors who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Their books are written for both LDS audiences and mainstream readers (abbreviations in brackets denote whether an individual book was written for an LDS audience, a mainstream audience or both).

This page is continually being updated.  Last update:  4.30.13

Abramson, Traci Hunter.  Smokescreen (review) [LDS]

Allen, N.C.  Isabelle Webb: Legend of the Jewel (review) [MS]; Isabelle Webb: The Pharaoh's Daughter (review) [MS]

Ashworth, Heidi.  Miss Delacourt Has Her Day (review) [MS]; Miss Delcourt Speaks Her Mind (review) [MS]

Auten, Susan.  Becoming Bayley (review) [LDS]

Beagley, David. One Lost Boy (review) [LDS/MS]

Bellon, Julie Coulter.  All Fall Down (review) [MS]

Bennett, R. William.  Jacob T. Marley (review) [MS]

Bigler, Ashley Hansen.  Once Upon A Time: An Adoption Story (review) [LDS/MS]; Interview

Black, Stephanie.  Rearview Mirror (review) [LDS]

Boyack, Merrilee Browne.  Standing Up in a Sit-Down World (review) [LDS]; Strangling Your Husband Is Not an Option (review) [LDS]

Brown, Marilyn.  Fires of Jerusalem (review) [MS]

Camp, Shannen Crane.  Finding June (review) [LDS]

Cannon, Joseph A. (Ed.).  Why I'm A Mormon (review) [LDS]

Card, Orson Scott.  Pathfinder (review) [MS]; Saints (review) [LDS]; The Lost Gate (review) [MS]

Chandler, Kristen.  Girls Don't Fly (review) [MS]; Wolves, Boys, And Other Things That Might Kill Me (review) [MS]

Condie, Allison/Ally. First Day (review) [LDS]; Freshman for President (review) [MS]; Matched (review) [MS]; Yearbook (review) [LDS]; Interview

Dashner, James.  The 13th Reality (review) [MS]; The Maze Runner (review) [MS]; The Scorch Trials (review) [MS]

Despain, Bree.  The Dark Divine (review) [MS]

DiPastena, Joyce. Loyalty's Web (review) [MS]

Donaldson, Julianne.  Edenbrooke (review) [MS]

Dorrity, Christy.  The Book Blogger's Cookbook (review) [MS]

Eden, Sara M. 

Evans, Richard Paul.  Miles to Go (review) [MS]; The Walk (review) [MS]

Eyre, Linda.  The Entitlement Trap (review) [MS]

Eyre, Richard.  The Entitlement Trap (review) [MS]

Farland, David. In the Company of Angels (review) [LDS]; Nightingale (review) [MS]

Ford, Julie N.  Countdown to Love (review) [MS]

George, Jessica Day.  Tuesdays at the Castle (review) [MS]

Hale, Shannon. Enna Burning (review) [MS]; The Goose Girl (review) [MS]; Tuesdays at the Castle (review) [MS]

Harrison, Thomas G. (with Kristin B. Hodson and Alisha B. Worthington) Real Intimacy (review) [LDS]

Hawkes, Jaclyn M.  Journey of Honor (review) [LDS]

Henrie, Stacy.  Lady Outlaw (review) [MS]

Hill, C.J. (a.k.a. Janette Rallison).  Slayers (review) [MS]

Hilmo, Tess.  With a Name Like Love (review) [MS]

Hintze, Amy (illustrator).  Once Upon A Time: An Adoption Story (review) [LDS/MS]

Hodson, Kristin B. (with Alisha B. Worthington and Thomas G. Harrison) Real Intimacy (review) [LDS] 

Holmes, Michele Paige.  Captive Heart (review) [MS]

Hughes, Dean.  Missing in Action (review) [MS]

Jacobson, Melanie.  Not My Type (review) [LDS]; Second Chances (review) [LDS]Smart Move (review) [LDS]; The List (review) [LDS]; Twitterpated (review) [LDS]

James, Jenni.  Pride & Popularity (review) [MS]

Jensen, Krista Lynne.  Of Grace and Chocolate (review) [LDS]

Jones, Kate (with Sara Wells).  Our Best Bites: Mormon Moms in the Kitchen (review) [MS]; Savoring the Seasons with Our Best Bites (review) [MS]

Justesen, Heather. The Ball's In Her Court (review) [LDS]

Kelly, Carla.  Borrowed Light (review) [LDS]

Keogh, Abel.  The Third (review) [MS]

Kilpack, Josi S. English Trifle (review) [MS]; Lemon Tart (review) [MS]; Pumpkin Roll (review) [MS] Interview

Kirby, Matthew J.  The Clockwork Three (review) [MS]

Knudsen, Michael.  The Rogue Shop (review) [LDS]

Leavitt, Lindsey.  Princess for Hire (review) [MS]; Sean Griswold's Head (review) [MS]; Interview

Leppert, Alicia K.  Emerald City (review) [MS]

Little, Kimberley Griffiths.  Circle of Secrets (review) [MS]; The Healing Spell (review) [MS]

Luke, Gregg.  Bloodborne (review) [MS]

Mangum, Lisa. After Hello (review) [MS]; The Hourglass Door (review) [MS]

Martinez, Jessica.  Virtuosity (review) [MS]

Merrill, Kieth.  The Evolution of Thomas Hall (review) [MS]

Meyer, Stephenie.  Eclipse (review); New Moon (review); The Host (review)

Moncur, Misty.  Daughter of Helaman (review) [LDS]

Moore, Melissa G. Shattered Silence (review) [LDS]

Morrison, Angela.  Cayman Summer (review) [LDS/MS]; Sing Me to Sleep (review) [MS]; Taken By Storm (review) [LDS/MS]; Unbroken Connection (review) [LDS/MS]; Guest post; Interview 2008; Interview 2011

Mull, Brandon.  Fablehaven (review) [MS]; Rise of the Evening Star (review) [MS]

Nielsen, Jennifer A.  The False Prince (review) [MS]

Nielsen, Mark.  I Believe in Jesus Too (review) [LDS]

Nielson, Sheila A.  The Forbidden Sea (review) [MS]

Nunes, Rachel Ann.  Before I Say Goodbye (review) [LDS]; Imprints (review) [MS]; Saving Madeline (review) [MS]

Oram, Kelly.  V is for Virgin (review) [MS]

Perry, Anne.  Acceptable Loss (review) [MS]

Peterson, Matt.  The Epic Tales of a Misfit Hero (review) [MS]

Pike, Aprilynne. Wings (review) [MS]

Rallison, Janette.  My Double Life (review) [MS]; My Fair Godmother (review) [MS]; My Unfair Godmother (review) [MS]

Sanderson, Brandon. Mistborn (review) [MS]; The Alloy of Law (review) [MS]; The Hero of Ages (review) [MS]; The Well of Ascencion (review) [MS]

Savage, J. Scott. Farworld (review) [MS]

Schow, Betsy.  Finished Being Fat (review) [MS]

Sears, Gale.  Letters in the Jade Dragon Box (review) [LDS]; The Silence of God (review) [LDS]

Smith, Emily Wing.  Back When You Were Easier to Love (review) [MS]; The Way He Lived (review) [LDS/MS]

Sneed, Theresa.  No Angel (review) [MS?]

Uchtdorf, Dieter F.  Your Happily Ever After (review) [LDS]

Wells, Dan.  A Night of Blacker Darkness (review) [MS]; I Am Not A Serial Killer (review) [MS]; I Don't Want to Kill You (review) [MS]; Mr. Monster (review) [MS]; Partials (review) [MS]; The Hollow City (review) [MS]

Wells, Robison.  Variant (review) [MS]

Wells, Sara (with Kate Jones).  Our Best Bites; Mormon Moms in the Kitchen (review) [MS]; Savoring the Seasons with Our Best Bites (review) [MS]

Weyland, Jack.  It All Started With Autumn Jones (review) [LDS]

White, Benjamin Hyrum.  10 Questions to Ask While Preparing for a Mission (review) [LDS]

White, Karey.  Gifted (review) [MS?]

White, Kiersten.  Mind Games (review) [MS]; Paranormalcy (review) [MS]

Wiggins, Bethany.  Shifting (review) [MS]

Wilhite, Becca. Bright Blue Miracle (review) [MS]; My Ridiculous, Romantic Obsessions (review) [MS]; Interview

Williams, Carol Lynch.  Glimpse (review) [MS]; Miles From Ordinary (review) [MS]; The Chosen One (review) [MS]; Waiting (review) [MS]

Worthington, Alisha B. (with Kristin B. Hodson and Thomas G. Harrison) Real Intimacy (review) [LDS]

Wright, Camron.  The Rent Collector (review) [MS]

Wright, Jason F. Christmas Jars (review) [MS]; Recovering Charles (review) [MS]; The 13th Day of Christmas (review) [MS]; The Wedding Letters (review) [MS]
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