Thursday, April 12, 2012

Debut Regency Romance Not Without Its Charms

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The last thing Sir Anthony Crenshaw wants to do is waste a day escorting a silly young woman out of London and into the English countryside.  He's got much more pressing matters to attend to—sleeping the morning away being the most desirable.  But the Dowager Duchess of Marcross has assigned him the task and Sir Anthony wouldn't dream of disobeying his grandmother.  

Ginerva "Ginny" Delacourt feels much the same—she isn't at all enamored with the idea of traveling even a kilometer with the fussy Sir Anthony.  But, as an unmarried woman of only one and twenty, not to mention the grand-niece and ward of a duchess, she has little choice in the matter.  It's suffer the presence of a snobby, egotistical social climber or spend even more of her time trapped in the stifling confines of London society.  

Both settle in for a dull, unpleasant journey.  When their carriage is attacked by highwaymen, it becomes apparent that the trip will be anything but boring.  Indeed, it grows more interesting by the hour.  Forced together on this unlikely adventure, Sir Anthony and Ginny will spend considerable time together.  Enough time to realize just how different they really are—and how little that matters when it comes to affairs of the heart.  

Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind by first-time author Heidi Ashworth is an enjoyable Regency romance.  The story is predictably lighthearted and humorous, with characters who aren't exactly original, but who are entertaining nonetheless.  Though the plot gets a little silly (all the confusion between the characters could have been cleared up easily if they had just spoken plainly to one another), I still found the book to be a fun, easy read, the kind I like to enjoy between more demanding books.  Like I said, it's not all that original or surprising and yet, it definitely has its charms.

(Readalikes:  Reminded me of books by Sarah M. Eden)

Grade:  B-

If this were a movie, it would be rated:  PG for mild sexual innuendo

To the FTC, with love:  Another library fine find

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  1. I used to read so many regency romance novels that I'm afraid I burned myself out. They're fun but oh so predictable. I'm always happy when a debut author does well, though.


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