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Friday, August 27, 2021

Inside Trading at My Favorite Indie

I love indie bookstores, but unfortunately, there aren't many near where I live.  At least not right near me.  It takes 20 minutes each way to get to my favorite one, Changing Hands.  I visit a few times a year—always during December because the store gives a $10 off birthday discount and whenever I have a big stack of books to trade in for store credit.  My pile happened to be overflowing, plus I wanted to hit up the Trader Joe's next to Changing Hands, so I headed to the wilds of Tempe today to do some shopping.  

Here's what I took with me to trade:

These stacks are a combination of books I've received for review and those I purchased with my own money.  I do feel a little bit guilty about trading in volumes I got for free, but honestly, I donate a good 85% of my books to the library, so...

Of these 29 books, Changing Hands accepted 14 for a trade-in credit of $67.80.  I know the titles they accept depend on a lot of factors like current inventory, demand, sales, time of year, condition of the books, etc., so I'm always intrigued by which titles they take and which they don't.  The books they accepted from me (most of which were in new or like new condition) this time were:

Although you can choose to donate the books Changing Hands doesn't take for credit to the store, I always opt to take them to the library instead.  I'll be dropping what's left of my pile off there next time I go.  If you live locally and you want any of the leftovers, let me know.

What did I get with my newfound book wealth?  I thought you'd never ask!  Changing Hands sells both new and used books.  Since I prefer the latter, I picked up three new books (two are hardcovers) and one used paperback.  

  • Eat Your Heart Out by Kelly deVos—deVos is a local author, so this YA satire/zombie novel, which came out in June, is signed by her.
  • Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo—This National Book Award winner explores poverty in India.  It sounds super sad, but also totally fascinating.
  • Thunderstruck by Erik Larson—I'm a new fan of Larson.  This 2006 book by the narrative non-fiction master explores the accomplishments of Guglielmo Marconi and the near perfect murder committed by Hawley Crippen.
  • Clark and Division by Naomi Hirahara—This historical mystery/thriller came out earlier this month.  It concerns a family of Japanese-Americans who has just been released from Manzanar and is being resettled in Chicago.  The suspicious death of a family member who was sent ahead sends them into a tailspin.
After using my trade-in credit, I paid a total of $12.07 (including taxes) for these four volumes.  Since I spent over $10 in real money, I got a punch on my frequent buyer card.  Altogether, not too shabby of a trip.

What about you?  Do you have a local indie you love?  Do they accept books for trade-in?  Have you read any of the books I just traded in or bought?  

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