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Friday, April 15, 2016

Lady Helen A Clean, Compelling (Enough) Diversion (With a Giveaway!)

(Image from Barnes & Noble)

Besides London and Bath, Lady Helen Poulter has never been anywhere.  Curious about the world beyond her Somerset home, the 19-year-old decides to accompany her mother and stepfather when they sail to the Brigadier-General's new military post in India.  Fascinated by the colorful sights and exotic sounds of Calcutta, Helen is delighted with her new home.  Unlike the other Englishwomen in town, she finds the city thrilling, its people intriguing, and their customs delightful.

Helen is immediately taken with another of Calcutta's magnificent sights: Lt. Arthur Bancroft.  With his handsome face and elegant manners, he's exactly the type of man she would like to marry.  But it's with Michael Rhodes, a 32-year-old captain, that she can really be herself.  Although crippled from a battle wound, the soldier has a calm, soothing way about him that always makes Helen feel safe.  A good thing, as she's discovering just how many dangers lurk in the shadows of India's blinding beauty.

As things heat up around her, both politically and socially, Helen discovers some harsh truths about her new home, about the two men vying for her heart, and, most of all, about herself.  When a deadly battle calls all the men Helen loves to the front lines, she fears the one she adores most will be lost forever.  Has she finally found her true love only to lose him?

Like Jennifer Moore's previous Regency romances, Lady Helen Finds Her Song is a sweet, upbeat love story.  Clean and compelling enough, it's an easy read, one that worked well as a fluffy diversion between all the heavy psychological thrillers I've been devouring lately.  The novel requires little from the ole brain cells, as its plot is about as familiar and predictable as they come.  While its unique setting offers the tale a pinch of originality, nothing else really sets it apart.  I would have appreciated a few twists in the story as well as more complexity from the characters.  A number of typos pepper the book, which take away from the overall experience.  All in all, though, Lady Helen Finds Her Song is a nice, enjoyable read.

(Readalikes:  Other Regency romances by Jennifer Moore, including Miss Burton Unmasks a Prince; Simply Anna; and Lady Emma's Campaign)


If this were a movie, it would be rated:

for violence and scenes of peril

To the FTC, with love:  I received a finished copy of Lady Helen Finds Her Song from the generous folks at Covenant Communications.  Thank you!


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