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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday: The Next Few in the Queue

Back in the good ole days before COVID-19 struck (otherwise known as February), I wasn't much of a t.v. watcher.  I tuned in to Call the Midwife while I folded laundry, but that's about it.  Then came lockdown, which saw me picking up an old hobby—cross-stitching—which I like to do while watching the tube.  Other than the occasional movie on Netflix, though, the few shows I watch are on PBS and CBS All Access (Genealogy Roadshow, anyone?).  I realize no one really cares about my viewing habits, but I'm telling you all this to explain why, once again, I went rogue with today's Top Ten Tuesday topic of Top Ten Book Series That Should Be Adapted Into Netflix Shows.  My mind is drawing a complete blank on this one! 

I hate to skip TTT, so today I'm striking out on my own topic-wise.  Upon realizing yesterday that I'm just about to finish my 100th read of the year, I've been contemplating which 100 I should read next in order to complete my goal of reading 200 books in 2020.  I realize that I'm unlikely to actually hit 200, although I've come close over the years.  Still, it's fun to think about which books I want to read before the end of the year.  A list of 100 might be a *tad* excessive, so I'm just going to give you the next ten in my queue.

First, though, a quick reminder to click on over to That Artsy Reader and give Jana, our lovely host, some love.  I encourage you, as always, to join in the TTT fun.  It really is a good time that you don't want to miss.

Top Ten Books I Plan to Read Next  

1.  Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah—This is cheating a little because I'm actually just about done with this novel.  Someone (was it you?) mentioned last week how much they liked this one and while reorganizing some books in my office area, I came across my copy.  When I started the book, I thought I knew exactly where the plot was going.  Now, I'm not so sure ... I'm a Hannah fan and The Winter Garden shows why.  It's engaging, interesting, surprising, and enjoyable.

2.  Death in Kew Gardens by Jennifer Ashley—I enjoy Ashley's upstairs/downstairs mysteries starring Kat Holloway, the most sought-after cook in Victorian London.  I'm going to be reading #4, Murder in the East End, soon for a blog tour, but I need to read this one—the third installment in the series—first.

3.  Murder in the East End by Jennifer Ashley—When Kat hears that children are going missing from a local foundling hospital and that their nurse has been murdered, she can't stay away from the intriguing case.  Can the cook find the killer before she becomes his/her next victim?

4.  The Children's Blizzard by Melanie Benjamin (available January 12, 2021)—I read David Laskin's fascinating non-fiction book about this horrifying tragedy not long ago.  I'm interested to see how the story is told in a novel.  I've got an e-ARC of this one, which sounds intriguing but sad (of course).

5.  Five Total Strangers by Natalie D. Richards (available October 6, 2020)—This YA thriller is about Mira, who is desperate to get home for the holidays.  When her flight is canceled at the last minute, she's forced to rely on the generosity of another passenger, who offers Mira a seat in the car she and a few others are renting.  As the weather worsens, she finds herself trapped in an increasingly terrifying position with a group of people she doesn't know at all.  Sounds like a heartwarming holiday yarn!

6.  What You Wish For by Katherine Center—I've enjoyed both of the Center novels I've read so far, so I'm definitely up for her newest.  It centers around Samantha and Duncan, educators who were once lovers.  When Duncan is hired to be the principal at Sam's new school, she's not sure how to handle the awkward situation.  As the school faces challenges on every side, the two must navigate their own hurdles.  Center's novels are always engrossing and upbeat, so I'm excited to see what she does with this one.

7.  The Big Easy and Other Lies by Melanie Jacobson—I met this charming author of contemporary romances back in 2012 when she was my mentor for a writing workshop at the Storymakers Conference.  Back then, she talked about a book she was planning to write about a teen who's determined to win a fashion designing contest, even if the only materials she has at her disposal are whatever she can find in her guardian's hoarding piles.  It sounded good then and it sounds good now that the e-book has been published.  You can read it for free with Kindle Unlimited or buy it, like I did, for the bargain price of $4.99.  It will come out in paperback soon-ish, but I couldn't wait!

8.  You Belong Here Now by Dianna Rostad (available April 21, 2021)—This one doesn't come out for quite a while still, but I have an e-ARC of it that I'm excited to read. The story concerns a trio of children who are put on an orphan train headed west.  They jump off before the last stop, winding up at a ranch in Montana where they must prove their worth to a taciturn spinster.  You know I love me a good historical novel and this one sounds like just the ticket.

9.  These Healing Hills by Ann H. Gabhart—I heard about this historical novel from someone's TTT list sometime in the last month or so.  Was it yours?  It concerns a young woman who's crushed after receiving a "Dear John" letter from her WWII soldier boyfriend.  In search of a new start, she heads to Appalachia to train as a nurse/midwife in the unforgiving hills.  Adventure, heartache, and romance ensue.

10.  Born a Crime by Trevor Noah—On a visit to The Strand a couple years ago, I picked up this gem.  I rediscovered it during the reorganization of books I mentioned above.  I'm hoping to get to it soon.

There you have it, the next ten books I'm hoping to read.  What do you think of my list?  Have you read any of these?  Do any of them pique your interest?  I'd truly love to know.  Leave me a comment on this post and I will return the favor on yours.

Happy TTT!

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