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Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Top Ten Tuesday: 2023 Debuts in the Queue

I love the buzzy beginnings of a new reading year when we're all atwitter with excitement and anticipation about the books we're planning to read over the next 365 days. So far this year, I've made two (Part One, Part Two) Top Ten Tuesday lists of Most Anticipated Books Releasing in the First Half of 2023 and one about New-to-Me Authors I Want to Try in 2023. This week's prompt goes right along with its predecessors: 2023 Debut Books I'm Excited About. After digging into my TBR list and doing some Googling, I've found ten I'm looking forward to reading.

As always, this fun weekly meme is hosted by the lovely Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl. Give her some love, won't you? While you're there, you can get all the deets about TTT so you're ready to hop on board the TTT party bus!

Top Ten 2023 Debut Books I'm Excited About
- in order of publication - 

The Sisters We Were by Wendy Willis Baldwin (available now)—Stories about sisters always appeal to me (having three of my own) and I've heard good things about this one. It's about Ruby and Pearl Crenshaw, very different sisters who have long been estranged. Hundreds of pounds overweight, Pearl is in desperate need of some life-saving weight loss. After a devastating mistake, Ruby reluctantly reunites with her sister, forcing a reconciliation that will either bring them together or tear them apart for good.

2. The Writing Retreat by Julia Bartz (available February 21)—This locked-room mystery/thriller has been getting tons of buzz. It does sound good! It's about a group of writers attending a month-long retreat in an isolated locale who receive the surprise news that they must pen an entire novel in the next 30 days. The best one will receive a lucrative publishing deal. The competition gets tense, then deadly when one of the writers mysteriously disappears in the middle of a violent snowstorm. 

3. The Last Carolina Girl by Meagan Church (available February 28)—I've read several books about eugenics in the U.S. over the last few years. It's a disturbing, but fascinating subject. This debut novel examines the topic through a 14-year-old girl on the Caroina coast whose life takes a troubling turn after her father dies. She's taken in by a wealthy family who treats her as a maid. It soon becomes apparent that the family is hiding a terrible, dangerous secret that could threaten her future and her life.

4. The Secrets of Hartwood Hall by Katie Lumsden (available February 28)—I love me a Gothic family secrets novel, so this one is right up my alley. It's about a young widow who takes a position as a governess at a remote English country house. It doesn't take long for her to notice strange things happening at the home. Hartwood Hall is full of secrets and the governess is determined to discover them all.

Ascension by Nicholas Binge (available April 25)—I'm not much for sci-fi, but this debut sounds super intriguing to me. When a giant, snowy mountain appears suddenly in the Pacific Ocean, a group of scientists is hired to investigate. As they climb the mountain, strange things start to occur. They experience odd time distortions, limbs going numb, and memories slipping away, all of which cause paranoia to set in, causing even more danger. Just what, exactly, is this mountain? A miraculous discovery that will turn them all into legends or a deadly weapon that will kill every last one of them? The premise of Ascension reminds me of Sphere by Michael Crichton. I'm down!

6. The Perfect Ones by Nicole Hackett (available May 2)—A group of popular influencers travel to Iceland for a fabulous promotional trip. One of them ends up dead. Who killed her and why? The Icelandic police are on the case. 

7. The Housekeepers by Alex Hay (available July 4)—This novel sounds clever and fun. It stars Mrs. King, the offspring of tricksters and con artists, who has escaped her checkered past to become a respected housekeeper in a posh Mayfair home. When she is unceremoniously dismissed, she vows to get revenge by robbing her former employees of all their possessions on the night of their much-anticipated costume ball. Mrs. King hires an eclectic group of women to help steal all the family's treasures—and their secrets. 

8. Her Little Flowers by Shannon Morgan (available July 25)—Billed as an "irresistible" read for fans of Kate Morton and Eve Chase (both of whom I adore), this Gothic ghost story sounds like a perfect match for me. It revolves around a 55-year-old woman who has lived in the same haunted manor house for her whole life. When her estranged sister returns home bearing unbelievable tales about their family's troubling past, everything she thought she knew is shaken to bits. Rattled to her core, she must find out the truth for herself.

9. Into the Sunken City by Dinesh Thiru (available Fall 2023)—This YA dystopian adventure is a retelling of Treasure Island "with an Ocean's 11 twist." Count me in! It's about two sisters who are just trying to survive in their harsh world. When a mysterious stranger clues them in to a massive treasure to be found under the sunken ruins of a Las Vegas casino, they vow to make it theirs.

10. Up in Flames by Hailey Alcaraz (available October 3)—When a California wildfire destroys everything wealthy, entitled Ruby Ortega has, she is forced to confront a much different reality than anything she's previously known. Her family and her hometown are in desperate need of help. Can self-centered Ruby step outside herself long enough to help rebuild their ravaged world? This timely YA novel riffs on themes of resilience, change, and compassion.

There you are, ten 2023 debuts I'm excited to read. Have you read any of them? What did you think? Which debuts are you looking forward to? I'd truly love to know. Leave me a comment on this post and I will gladly return the favor on your blog. 

Happy TTT!

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