Arizona Authors

Last Updated:  04.30.13

DiPastena, Joyce. Loyalty's Web (review)

Fabry, Chris. June Bug (review)

Hill, C.J. (a.k.a. Janette Rallison).  Slayers (review)

Jance, J.A.  Edge of Evil (review)

Lange, Erin Jade.  Butter (review)

Leman, Kevin.  The Birth Order Book (review)

McMann, Lisa.  Crash (review); Cryer's Cross (review); Fade (review); Gone (review); Wake (review)

Meyer, Stephenie.  Eclipse (review); New Moon (review); The Host (review)

Morrison, Angela. Cayman Summer (review); Sing Me to Sleep (review); Taken By Storm (review); Unbroken Connection (review); Interview; Guest Post

Peterson, Matt.  The Epic Tales of a Misfit Hero (review)

Pike, Aprilynne.  Wings (review)

Rallison, Janette.  My Double Life (review); My Fair Godmother (review); My Unfair Godmother (review)

Rhodes, Jewell Parker.  Ninth Ward (review)

Sneed, Theresa.  No Angel (review)
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