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Forget Set-Worshiping Egyptians, I Want Adorkable Fairy Godmothers

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Paranoia comes with the territory in Aislynn Brosna's family.  Moving constantly, scanning the driveway for any sign of "the enemy," reporting suspicious characters—all par for the course.  As much as Aislynn loves her dad and older brother (despite their irritating, obsessive, overprotective quirks), the high school junior just wants a normal life.  Not the perpetual watch-guarding that's become even more stringent since her mother died eight months ago in a car accident (that Aislynn's father, naturally, believes was caused by the always invisible "enemy").  The Brosna's recent arrival in Chandler, Arizona, marks the perfect time for Aislynn to re-invent herself as a totally normal girl with a completely average family.  Now that the ultra-hot Dane Breckenridge is paying Aislynn a little attention, it's especially important that no one know what kind of crazy lives behind the Brosna's front door.

Aislynn's laughed off her dad's warnings about "the enemy" for so long, she's shocked when she discovers the truth: her family really is being hunted.  Before she can even begin to comprehend the fact that she's part of an ancient tribe of Set-worshiping Egyptians engaged in a perpetual battle against the evil Horusians, she's, once again, on the run.  So much for normal.  As Aislynn learns astonishing facts about herself and her family, she begins to realize just how much danger she's really in.  Fighting for her own survival only becomes more complicated as she engages in a struggle between two halves of herself.  Will she make it out of this confusing war alive?  And what about her dream of a normal life?  Does it have any chance of coming true now that Aislynn knows what she really is?

You may have noticed that I have a love/hate relationship with Janette Rallison.  Not the woman herself because she is as warm and generous as she could possibly be.  I mean with her books.  As much as I adore Rallison's Godmother series, I just can't get on board with her YA sci fi/fantasy novels.  I appreciate the fact that she's trying to branch out, try other genres, but in my opinion, these newer books are just ... meh.  Son of War, Daughter of Chaos, Rallison's newest, is no exception.  It has some bright spots, for sure, but overall, it feels too flat, too long, and way, way too Twilight.  Rallison's novels are all infused with her trademark wit and this one definitely has some of that familiar sparkle.  I also like that the whole Setite/Horusian world/war has depth to it, making it feel more real (true, the explanatory passages often get long and boring, but still).  My biggest problem with the novel, I think, is that not only did I not really care about the ancient war, but I also didn't understand its sudden urgency.  And while the characters are likable, they just didn't really speak to me.  Overall, then, Son of War, Daughter of Chaos was just an okay read for me.  If there are sequels coming, I won't bother reading them.

In happier news, My Fairly Dangerous Godmother, the third installment in Rallison's series about an adorkable fairy godmother-in-training, came out a couple months ago.  Squee!  I haven't read it yet, but I will.  Soon.

(Readalikes:  Reminds me of The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan and the Twilight series [Twilight; New Moon; Eclipse; Breaking Dawn; by Stephenie Meyer)


If this were a movie, it would be rated:  

for violence/gore and intense situations

To the FTC, with love:  I received an e-copy of Son of War, Daughter of Chaos from the generous folks at Rally Point Press to facilitate my work as a judge for the Association for Mormon Letters (AML) Awards.  Thank you!


  1. This sounds interesting so I'll add yet another book to my ever growing list! :)

  2. I'm sorry this one was a bit disappointing! I haven't read it, but I loved My Fair Godmother! Funny, cute, and quirky. :)

  3. I love Rallison so I'm sad to hear this series falls flat. Maybe she should just stick to contemporary and magic realism.


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