Friday, July 03, 2015

Hale Team Pens Charming Adventure Starring a Prim and Proper Princess—With a (Not So) Dark Side

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Magnolia is a proper princess—prim and perfect.  At least that's what everyone thinks.  But behind her frilly pink dresses and sparkly tiara lies a super-secret identity.  No one can know about her alter-ego, especially not the ultra-nosy Duchess Wigtower.  So, when the monster alarm on Princess Magnolia's glitter stone ring goes off while she and the Duchess are sipping hot chocolate and nibbling scones, Magnolia panics.  Does she dare leave her meddling guest in the castle alone?  What if Duchess Wigtower discovers the secrets hidden in Magnolia's broom closet?  Will it mean the end of the Princess in Black's heroic, goat-saving adventures?  Will Princess Magnolia have to be prim and proper all the time?  Gasp!  To save herself from a fate worse than death, she'll have to fight a monster, protect a life, and return home in time to fool the nosy Duchess.  It's a tall order, even for the fastest, most courageous of superheroes.  Is the Princess in Black up to the task? 

As you can probably tell, The Princess in Black—a new middle grade adventure from Shannon and Dean Hale (illustrated by LeUyen Pham)—oozes charm.  It's light, it's fun, it's empowering, it's delightful.  Seriously, what's not to love?  I dare you not to smile through the whole book.  It's impossible, I tell you.  My 6-year-old daughter and I highly recommend this adorable tale from a husband-and-wife team who know how to spin a story just right.  

(Readalikes:  Hm, I can't think of anything.  Can you?)


If this were a movie, it would be rated:

To the FTC, with love:  I received a finished copy of The Princess in Black from the generous folks at Candlewick Press.  Thank you!

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