Wednesday, July 10, 2013

You Know You're a Book Blogger When ... and a Winner

I don't usually do these posts so close together, but I couldn't resist posting this one:

You know you're a book blogger (or a super reader) when ...

... you're browsing in the book section at Target and your 8-year-old says, "Mom, this is, like, your toy aisle, right?"

Ha ha.  Too right, son!


We also have a winner in the Matilda prize package giveaway.  It's ... drumroll, please ... Mindy Grant!  Mindy's not just a loyal BBB reader, but she's also my husband's bubbly, sweet cousin.  Lest you think I'm playing favorites, just know that this is the first of my contests she's won.  Congrats, Mindy!  I already have your mailing address (at least I think so -- email it to me, just in case), so I'll pass it on to the publicist who will be sending out your book.

Thanks to all who entered the giveaway.  Stay tuned for more great contests and reviews!


  1. awww that is cute and SO true!

  2. That's really cute and funny...and observant! There's no aisle like the book aisle!

  3. WAHOOOOO! I'm so so so so so so excited! (the book aisle is my FAV and i spend far too much time at the local library, while my children run around making all kinds of racket...oops!) :) yay! emailed you my current address this afternoon!! i can't wait! :)


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