Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Book on Over to the Voting Booth

So, the shortlists for Book Blogger Appreciation Week were announced yesterday - sadly, BBB was not on there. *sniff* Ah well. The fact that even one person thought I deserved an award for Best Writing made my day. Truly, it was an honor (and such a confidence booster!) just to be nominated. So, thanks, y'all. Be sure and hit BBAW's "voting booth" to show some love for your favorite shortlisted blogs.

Did you notice how many book blogs Amy and her team sifted through? Over 1000. 1000! That's incredible. I have several hundred on my feeder, but that's not even a fraction of the awesome book blogs out there. My favorite part of BBAW is exactly this - I'm always thrilled to discover fantastic new book blogs. Thanks to Amy and her hardworking crew for putting this fun event together.


  1. Well I thought you were the perfect candidate!!

  2. Well you know you will always be my favorite writer. OK well you & Mom! I am sorry you didn't win. I voted for you!

  3. I'm glad to have discovered you here and on Twitter! :)

    Kudos for the nomination it's well deserved!


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