Friday, April 05, 2013

You Know You're a Book Blogger When ...

... you're browsing through the book aisle at a local department store with your teenage son and he's scanning the front and back covers of a novel, a look of genuine confusion on his face.  When you ask what he's searching for, he says, "Where on a book do you find its rating?  Is this one like PG or PG-13?  How do I know if it's appropriate for me to read?"

Excellent question, son!  Maybe you should refer to this awesome book blog I know of called Bloggin' 'bout Books.  Perhaps you've heard of it?

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  1. He didn't know you had to figure it out yourself? I'm glad you do, anyway!

  2. I love this! Thank goodness for blogs that talk about content :)

  3. That is AWESOME!! What a cool kiddo! Obviously you have trained him well.

    BTW, I recommend your blog to people ALL the time. I always laugh that I don't refer them to mine but to yours and Suey's!!! Just thought I should confess...:)

    Hope your weekend is great....

  4. very interesting blog you have could be nice if you add a page for him for his age. he is growing up loving books and that's good.congratulations!


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