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Sunday, April 22, 2012

TSS: Am I Doing This Right?

The Sunday

I've never done one of these before, but I wanted to do something a little more personal today.  One of the problems with reading (almost) exclusively Whitney Award finalists for two months is that I'm reviewing lots of books that are kind of obscure and therefore, don't generate a lot of commentary.  And, darn it, I like commentary.  So, since I couldn't find an "official" format for this thing, I stole Suey's approach.  I'm sneaky like that.  You experienced Sunday Saloners, tell me if I'm doing this right, okay?  Here goes nothin':

Outside my window:  Ugh, it's hot.  Already.  It's only 6:30 in the morning, but the heat already feels oppressive.  It was 100 degrees here yesterday, so my kids spent a good portion of the day in the pool.  I was too wimpy to get in, even though the kids assured me the water felt great—after you got used to it, of course :)

I am listening to:  Uh, nothing.  Everyone is asleep but me and my 10-year-old daughter.  She's reading a book, so a tornado could pick up the house and toss it into the Grand Canyon and she wouldn't notice.  Haven't heard a peep out of her.

Song of the week:  I've been listening to a lot of Disney princess songs in the car with my 3 year old.  Does that count?

TV Talk:  You know, I don't watch much t.v. anymore.  I watch recorded episodes of Jeopardy! while I fold laundry and I listen to Battlestar Galactica while my husband and son watch it on Netflix.  I don't really watch it—although my husband insists I should because it's just like all those end-of-the-world novels I like so much.  He's probably right, but I usually spend the time reading or playing Words With Friends instead. 


Books Finished:  I finished my reading for the Whitney Awards.  Phew!  That was a lot of work.  Books I took down this week (I think) are Smokescreen by Traci Hunter Abramson; Bloodborne by Gregg Luke; Acceptable Loss by Anne Perry; and Asfall by Mike Mullin (This one isn't a Whitney finalist—I read it for fun).  

Books Started:  Ashen Winter by Mike Mullin.  This is the sequel to Ashfall, a YA novel about what happens when a dormant volcano in Yellowstone erupts, causing widespread post-apocalyptic destruction.  I got it via Netgalley (Yes, I have finally taken a baby step into the 21st Century!).  The book doesn't come out until October, so I'll probably wait until then to review it. But, so far, it's got lots of action.

Books Up Next:  Well, now, that is a very good question.  I've been pondering what to read next.  I'll definitely read Hope's Journey by Stephanie Connelly Worlton this week.  It's about two LDS teenagers dealing with an unplanned pregnancy.  I've only read a chapter or so, but already I like Worlton's realistic portrayal of the situation, which I believe is based on her own experience.  After that, I have a few middle grade books I need to read for the reading program at my kids' elementary school.  Of course, I still haven't gotten to Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver or Defending Jacob by William Landay.  So, yeah, we'll see.  

I am thinking:  About how even though I look really nasty in this picture, I want to post it because it represents the fun Suey (It's All About Books), Melissa (One Librarian's Book Reviews), Gaye (Inside A Book) and I had meeting each other and chatting it up at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, Arizona.  Picture is courtesy of Suey's cell phone. 
(l to r: Melissa, me, Suey, Gaye)

I am grateful for:  Modern medicine.  Reading Ashfall, in which the survivors have to use primitive methods to take care of common health problems, reminded me of the fact that a person with my issues (Type 1 Diabetes, cancer, reading OCD [Ha!], etc.) would have a very hard time surviving in anything but the most modern of conditions.  So, I'm thankful I don't live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and that I have ready access to modern medicines.  Also that I can afford (barely) to pay for them.

Around the House:  We moved the boys into one bedroom and let the toddler have her own room, so there's been a lot of cleaning and organizing going on around here.  As soon as I get things completely sorted out, we're going to have all the bedrooms painted.  Finally! 

Recipe of the Week:  Recipe?  Ha ha ha ha ha.  Does strawberry cheesecake from Costco count?  It's really good :)

Favorite Thing of the Week:  Clothes shopping at Old Navy with my 10-year-old daughter.  It was fun to hang out together. 

Least Favorite Thing:  Triple digits.  Gah!  The heat just zaps me of all energy and motivation.  I think I might actually get in the pool this week.

Family Matters:  We've been thinking a lot about what to do with all of ourselves over summer break.  The oldest (13 yo) will be going to Scout camp and taking a swimming class at BYU.  My 10 yo will be attending a fun bookish event in Provo, Utah, with her grandma.  She's also planning to take a couple of art classes.  The 7 yo is going to do a football camp at BYU and the baby (3 yo) will be taking swimming lessons and dance class.  She'll be starting Preschool in August—we can't wait!

The Coming Week:  I'm heading off to LDS Storymakers in Provo in about a week and a half, so I've got lots to do around the house to get ready for that.  I also have book club, a wedding reception and who knows what else.  I should probably take a glance at my calendar so I'm ready for whatever's coming ...

Blog Report:  Just the usual reviews, with more to come.  I'm about 10 books behind on reviews, so, yeah, I'll be playing catch up this week, too.  

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!


  1. Susan, I think you did it just right and it was nice to hear about what else is going on in your life. I love your book reviews, but I also like hearing about triple digits (not us yet, thank goodness) and pools and meet-ups with bloggers and kids camps and such.

    OK, seriously, I've never been to Changing Hands on any of our trips to AZ. I seem to stop at the city limits of Scottsdale, but next time we are coming to your part of the world, I'm going to email you and see if we can meet there. Don't you think? For both books and fellowship.

    Have a good week and put your brave girl pants on and get in the pool. LOL

    1. Yes, absolutely, next time you're here, LMK. I'd be thrilled to meet you at Changing Hands -- it's a fun bookstore, plus it's so fun to meet book bloggers for real!

      And, it's not the "brave girl pants" that are the problem, it's the swimsuit. Yikes!

  2. Yay! Fun! Yuck about the heat though. I'm SO SO glad we missed that on our trip there! And what fun book event is your 10 year old coming to? Not Rick Riordan is it?

    As for this format goes, you can take it and tweak it to fit you. (Like for instance since you don't watch TV much, you can find something else to stick there!) Or just think of categories that you want to report on. (Like Jenny has a cat report instead of a kid report!) Anyway, feel free to mess with it.

    1. I've already thought of a few ways to tweak the format, so it will be a little different next week. It was fun to do, so I'll try to make it a regular feature.

      My dd is going to an event in July at BYU. I can't remember what it's called, but a bunch of children's authors and illustrators will be there for a conference thing. She is going with her children's literature-loving grandma to the signing portion of the event. Sounds fun, huh?

    2. I wonder if it's the book festival that they had last year, only in June. Ummm, I must investigate...

      Oh, and a get together with you and Jenny and whoever else wants to when you are here would be fun! Let's try. :)

  3. OMG! It's already in the triple digits?! I'm so glad I didn't move to Arizona! I'd considered it a few years ago.

    Cool that you're coming to my neck of the woods! Hope you can get everything ready in time.

    1. You should have come to Arizona -- we need more book bloggers here! The weather really is crazy, though. It's not the scorching heat that's so bad, it's that we have to suffer through it from April to October. Yuck.

      And, yes, I will be in Provo soon. I'd love to get together with you and Suey if you two have the time.

  4. Yep, you did it fantastically!! Your life sounds as warm as mine.....

    Where did the spring go? Oh, I know, it evaporated into summer. I can still spend mornings in the tree swing but not as long as I would like. Oh well.

    You are a reading machine. I am slogging along but feel that reading Fablehaven with my school class ought to count for something. (BTW, they are LOVING it!)

    It was fun to see that photo in your post. What a terrific night. Let's do it again soon. Have fun in Provo. I am jealous. I have a Trek campout this weekend, wanna trade places??

    Enjoy your Sunday.

    1. Warm is right. Yuck-o! Even the mornings are balmy now.

      A trek campout? In this heat? I wouldn't trade you places for a million bucks -- sorry :( I'm sure it will be a good experience, though.

  5. You forgot to list Patricia Briggs on your read-it-soon list. So I thought I'd remind you. And now I have.

    Can't wait to see you! :D

    1. Thanks for the reminder! I'll try to read her soon -- how's that?

      Can't wait to see you, too. It's gonna be a good time :)

  6. This is perfect... I love these posts.

    1. Aw, thanks! It was a fun post to write, especially since it didn't require too much brainpower :)

  7. Well... passed!

    Congratulations and welcome to the Sunday Salon. It looks like you've already found some of the regulars. As for Battlestar Galactica, you really need to be watching it. It is awesome.

    1. Aw, thanks! I'm glad I found your blog in the process of figuring the whole TSS thing out :)

      As for Battlestar Galactica, the problem is not that I don't want to watch it, but that I want to watch it from the beginning. My husband's only got a few more episodes left to watch, then he'll be done with the whole series. So, yeah, one of these days I'm going to start with the pilot episode and go from there.

  8. I believe I am the last of us to post about our meet-up! Darn, I better do it today, since I've got nothing else going on :)

    Oh, and I love the hot weather (though, I could do without the triples just yet).

    1. Well, you're in the right place, sister! It's hot outside. Although today's been a teensy bit better and I think I heard there's rain in the forecast. That would be nice ...


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