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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Mormon Mentions: Robyn Carr

As I mentioned before, Robyn Carr told me she hid some "surprises" for me in A Summer in Sonoma. Okay, maybe they weren't just for me, but I still enjoyed the Mormon Mentions I found in her new book. Here we go:

"'This is the talk you give me when I'm upset about being pregnant ...'

'Which is just about every time you're pregnant,' he laughed. 'I'm not a real religious guy, but these kids - they have to be meant to be. They just keep sneaking up on us. And they come out perfect.'

"You're a Mormon, aren't you? All along, keeping it from me ...'

He covered her mouth in a kiss. 'I must be,' he said. 'Makes me so happy, watching you round out, get big and moody ...(46)'"

If there's one thing (besides polygamy) for which LDS people are known, it's the value we place on families. Joke all you want about our baby-making (Steve Martin's line in "Cheaper By the Dozen" comes to mind: "I just can't keep her off me" - ha ha), we love nice, big families. We believe, first of all, in having children. Also in loving them, teaching them, and helping them make correct decisions. Unlike other religions, we also believe that families are "sealed" together for eternity. Families, for us, are forever.

I love that Robyn Carr highlights this important aspect of Mormonism. Plus, the line's hilarious. Next time my husband's getting ... ahem ... amorous, I'm going to turn to him and say, "What are you, a Mormon or somethin'?" Hee hee.

Later in the book, Carr introduces an LDS fire chief, who helps the characters from the previous passage with some of their struggles. I'm not going to quote all of the passages about him, as they go on for several pages, but here's enough to get the gist:

"The captain of their unit, Eric Sorenson, kept passing by him at the firehouse, glancing at his paperwork, asking him how he was doing. Eric was a good guy, a real happy man with a strong, serious side. He was well respected even though he wasn't exactly like the rest of them. He was religious - Mormon fellow - maybe a little straightlaced. He didn't seem uptight and had an awesome sense of humor, though it never verged into the off color like the rest of the crew. He rarely joined them for a beer, and if he did, he had a cola. But as leaders went, he was sharp and loyal; he really went to the wall for his men (202)."

Through the character, Carr goes on to discuss other aspects of Mormonism: tithing, young men going on 2-year missions, prayer, etc. I don't know who's advising the author on all things LDS, but I think he/she needs a raise! I'm always thrilled to find portrayals of Mormon characters that are both positive and accurate. We may be a little on the stiff side, but most of us are just normal people trying to live good, honest lives. The baby-making's just a bonus :)

(Note: All quotes are from an ARC/uncorrected proof and may therefore vary from what appears in the final copy of the book.)


  1. It's nice to see realistic, normal characters described as Mormon.
    One of my old home teachers was named Eric Sorenson. Funny.

  2. Wasn't the counselor LDS, too?

  3. Alison - My husband had a mission companion named Eric Sorenson. Popular name, huh?

    Robin - Yes, he was, but there weren't as many quotable lines about him.


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