Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's Wednesday Night - Time for Some Winners!

The winner of the audiobook of Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink is:


The winner of Horse Song by Ted and Betsy Lewin is:


Congratulations, ladies. Shoot me an email (blogginboutbooksATgmailDOTCOM) with your snail mail addresses, and I will get your books to you ASAP. Thanks to all who entered!


  1. Thank you SO MUCH! My audio book arrived today ALREADY! Wonderful!


  2. I forgot to ask, is it OK for me to add your blog to my blog roll over on BOOKIN' WITH BINGO?
    thanks, Karen (Bingo)

  3. Bingo - Wow! That was fast. I'm glad it got to you safe and sound. It's absolutely okay to add me to your blogroll - in fact, I would love it! Thanks :)

    Stacie - If you're reading this, I know you're still waiting for your book. I don't have a big enough mailer for it, so I'm going to grab one at the store and get the book to you ASAP. Thanks for your patience.


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