Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Under Construction

See that cute navbar up yonder? I did that all by my baby self - well, with some help from my friend Charlotte and some great links. It still needs a bit of work, so be patient. Eventually, it will not only look beautiful but function perfectly. I hope.


  1. I REALLY like it! :-) It looks very professional and gives your blog an even more user-friendly look.

  2. Yay! I'm glad those sites helped you out!

  3. Thanks, ladies! I like it, too. I've been wanting a navbar for a long time, and never realized how easy it was.

    Charlotte - Can you tell that I just copied the parameters you used for yours? The colors were perfect :)

    I sent you an email asking how to center it, but I guess I figured it out somehow. Did you get it? I might have the wrong email for you ... email me at blogginboutbooks[AT]gmail[DOT][COM] and I'll give you my personal email address. Thanks again!

  4. Looks great. You and Charlotte make quite the team!

  5. Looks good! I love the new look of your site. It's fun.

  6. I think it's absolutely adorable!


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