Monday, August 17, 2009

Darcie! Are You Out There?

First off, thanks so much to everyone for answering all the questions I've been throwing out lately. It's been fun to see all your recommendations. I'm going to compile all the suggestions into a list and let it be my guide! Keep 'em coming - I'm loving all the comments.

Secondly, Darcie, you won a copy of The Lost Summer by Kathryn Williams. I would love to sent it out to you, but I need your address. It's been almost a week - if I don't hear from you by midnight tomorrow, I'll draw another name. So, please contact me! My email is blogginboutbooks[AT]gmail[DOT][COM].

That's it. I'm still in the middle of The Name of This Book Is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch. It's lots of fun. I should have a review up by tomorrow or Wednesday. In the meantime, happy reading! I'm off to bed. Getting up early to get my kids off to school is killing me (they leave for the bus stop at 7:20). *Yawn*

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