Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Couple Clarifications and a Request

A few things I wanted to mention:

1.) On the giveaway: You don't have to comment twice (although I love all the comments) - one entry is fine. Unless otherwise noted, I will assume that you are putting your name in the hat for both books. Sorry for the confusion!

2.) I e-mailed Michelle, and she says she's willing to mail books to anywhere in the world. Yay - that should make my international readers very happy :)

3.) My friend asked me to recommend a good book light - one that clips onto a book so you can read at night. Weirdly, I've never used one, so I don't know what to recommend to him. Any suggestions??

4.) Something weird happened on my personal blog. Suddenly, all the text is teensy tiny. I have absolutely no idea how this happened or how to fix it. Anyone had this happen on Blogger?

5.) I've got several reviews I need to work on, but I'm a little distracted by the fact that I have new books by Jodi Picoult, Adriana Trigiani, Robyn Carr, and Jonathan Stroud sitting on my desk. Hopefully, I can get caught up this week. So, stay tuned for those, another fun giveaway and lots, lots more.



    You want booklights? Check out these booklights!

  2. Very happy indeed to hear it was open to all :)


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