Monday, September 29, 2008

Giveaway Reminder

- Don't forget to comment here if you want to win a copy of Don't Know Much About ... Everything Else by Kenneth C. Davis. The contest ends tomorrow at midnight, so be sure to get your name in for the drawing.

- Also, I am completely overbooked with reading challenges, so I'm bowing out of all of them. Yep, I'm wiping the slate clean. I don't know what I was thinking when I committed to reading 200 books this year! Because I'm addicted, I will probably sign up for more in 2009, but the rest of 2008 will be reading challenge-free for me. Sorry to the hosts - I just have too much going on (including potentially GREAT news that will have me very busy around December 16, not to mention the rest of my life). I'm considering deleting my current challenge blog, and creating another one in Wordpress, but who knows??

- As always, I have a humungous stack of ARCs to get through. Authors/Publishers/Publicists: Hang in there - I'm getting to them as fast as I can.

Happy reading, everyone!


  1. Um, you're having a baby?? I am challenge free and proud. They just make me feel too stressed.

  2. Oh did you hear something? You can't tell us great news and not tell us what it is!! lol now i'm all anxious!
    I'm considering going challenge free right now except for Carl's RIP 3. It's very stressful with a 10 month old.


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