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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Excuses, Excuses


Well, not really. I've never actually been fishing in my life. I don't even like fish all that much (and I grew up on the Columbia River!), unless, of course, it's deep fried with a side of tartar sauce. Still, I needed some kind of an excuse when my friend accused me of lagging behind on my reading and book blogging. She's waiting for me to read The Host by Stephenie Meyer (her mother's brother's sister's cousin, or some such), so she can discuss it with "someone who likes it" - LOL.

It's true - I haven't been reading at my usual pace. I know I don't have to give excuses, but I'm going to anyway. Here goes:

** My kids are out of school. We have been playing like crazy, going to the drive-in, swimming (our pool's up to a balmy 78 degrees - brrr), eating out, "camping" on the trampoline, working out with Wii Fit, etc. We have a few days until public swimming lessons start, so that should help us get into a summer schedule. For now, I'm just trying to keep my kids entertained without going insane myself. I used to read a lot while my kids were in school; now that they are home, it's going to be a little tougher. Don't you hate it when real life gets in the way of your reading??

** Today is our home study for our adoption. It's the last item that needs to be completed before we can get certified by our state. I know it's not a white glove check of my house, but I want everything to look nice, so I've been cleaning like a madwoman. It's amazing how dirty one house can get! My kind husband told me to hire a cleaning service to do it - he promised me he wasn't insulting my housekeeping, just trying to help - but I procrastinated and now it's all on me. So, I'm sore from scrubbing, mopping, dusting and vacuuming, plus my stomach keeps lurching in anxiety. I shouldn't be so stressed - our social worker is a wonderful, completely non-threatening kind of person - yet I am.

** Is that it? Really? Hmm...

I know a lot of authors and publicists are waiting for reviews from me. I promise they are coming! Right now, I have about 30 books on my review shelf, with at least one more arriving every day. I'm also trying to sneak in some personal reading, so bear with me ... I will get to them all. I also have copies of Booklist, The New York Times Book Review and Bookmarks waiting for me to peruse. Perhaps it's telling that I'm currently reading two books at a time, instead of my usual one. I'm enjoying both Mister Monday by Garth Nix and First Day by Allyson Birthwaite Condie - reviews are coming soon!

Anyway, I didn't mean to ramble. I just wanted you to know that I'm still reading, but I'm also living! Summer is my least favorite season (something about 120 degree temperatures, trying to squeeze into a swimsuit, and hearing, "I'm bored" 500 times a day makes me a little crazy) - I'm hoping to break it up with some good books. So, don't give up on me - I'll be back from "vacation" soon - that is if it doesn't kill me first :)

For now, I'm going to leave you with a question to mull over - Is your public library a nice, quiet oasis or a roaring madhouse? I took my kids to the library yesterday to grab info on its summer reading program and the place was teeming with noisy, rambunctious kids (mine not included, of course). Summer vacation has barely started, so I know people are stocking up on books, but I've noticed this trend all year - my public library is NOT a quiet place. Ever. Patrons are constantly clicking away on the computers, gabbing on their cell phones and talking loudly. What happened to quiet libraries? Are they a thing of the past? Do you care? Comment away, folks - I've got to get back to my fishin', uh, cleanin'.


  1. Cute post! :) Happy, but calm thoughts are being sent your way as you prepare for your home visit.

  2. Our library is quiet in some spots and kinda noisy in others. I guess I haven't really paid much attention. I like to see it hopping and busy with lots of people enjoying it. Cell phones are dumb though, and I've even done it! Shame on me!

  3. Our library is full of people but relatively quiet. Even though my little guy escapes and runs away giggling all over the place, it doesn't seem that other people mind.

    Many good wishes sent your way on your home visit.

  4. I hope the home visit goes well - and I'm sure it will.

    Our library isn't too bad noise-wise. There's a children's area which is usually noisier than the main library and a computer area also. It's recently been modernised and is open plan with one area running into the next. I think I preferred it when there were walls so any noise was contained. I do think libraries should be quiet places but that's probably because I use them for quiet pursuits.

  5. Oh, the dreaded home study visit - I remember it well! I'm sure you guys will do just fine - it's just one more step to go through before you can bring a precious little one home!

  6. When I was a kid, I used to love summer, because my mom, sister and I did so many cool things. I never even thought that it must be her most stressful time! Sending good thoughts your way w/ the home study. I'm sure it will go wonderfully. :D

    I've only been to my new library once, but it seems like they have a bunch of quiet areas that are situated well away from the community sections, which is nice. When I went to the library near my sister's house on my visit to San Antonio, it's across from a middle school, and I went just after the school got out. Ugh. It reminded me of "Free For All"-the memoirs by a public librarian who has the same "parents using the library as a babysitter" problem.

  7. Summer certainly brings out different emotions for all of us!! I am in workshops still for work but in a few days I am prepared to sit and read my little eyes into oblivion! I just want to remember not to waste away the days I have...I have always loved the summer off with my kiddos - my favorite memories when I was young were of going to the library and stocking up on loads of books to read on warm summer days. I loved it when my kids were growing up and we checked out oodles of stories! We covered the floor with beach towels and would pretend we were at the beach reading each day during quiet time. I hated the heat but loved the time with my kiddos. Now that they are all grown up it makes me smile when I think about it!

    Our little Dobson Branch library is still quiet. I can haunt the shelves, enjoy the cool and remember back to the libraries of my younger days. But I love the fact that libraries are being used in some fashion. I hope that they are a retreat for some the way that they were a retreat for me!

    Your schedule is truly busy, but word to the wise - enjoy it!! Think back to Elder Ballard's talk in General Conference and don't wish the days away. They go too fast! That's the beauty of books - they will be waiting for you, kids don't!

    Smile! It's not 110 yet :)

  8. Good luck with your home study! and the heat.

    The library I just moved away from was horribly loud. It didn't seem to matter what time of day we went, there were always kids screaming and adults "talking" to each other from across the library. Granted, it was a very small library, but even my husband (who is usually oblivious to these things) commented several times.

  9. Ahem! She's my husband's brother's wife's father's brother's daughter! Get it right! Sheesh. :) And The Host is so much better than the 30 other books on your shelf! (Yeah, yeah. Being patient. I know.)

    My library has the kids' books in the basement level, so the other levels stay pretty quiet. I've actually never been when there were a lot of kids, so the only times I've been to the basement, it was pretty quiet there, too.

  10. My library is always pretty quiet. No cell phones allowed on. Computers in a sequestered place and kids library always empty when I come (of course school isn't out till June 18th here)

    And we love Wii Fit here. Even my three year old has his Mii profile loaded!

  11. Thanks for all the kind comments. Our home study went really well. My body aches from all the work I did, but my house looks good :) The only possible problem, according to our social worker, is that the railing on our balcony may be too low. Our fence guy can fix it if the state decides it needs it. Besides that, it all went very smoothly...

    Interesting comments on libraries. I guess I remember when I went to the library as a kid - it was always nice and quiet. It was a tiny library, though, so maybe that made the difference.

    The library I frequent now has their children's section separate from the main section, although only partially. It hosts all kinds of children's activities, which is great. Really, I can't complain about loud kids, because mine are often part of the problem :) If I went to the library to study, the noise would really bother me, but I only stay long enough to grab books and go. I just think it's interesting that libraries have become so much louder. A lot of you said you love (or at least don't mind) the noise, because it means people are actually using the library, and I have to agree. It makes me happy to see so many kids (especially my own) excited about the library's summer reading program.

  12. Well I have to tell you that our library is...lacking. But one thing it isn't, is loud. It is always nice and quiet in there. Maybe because the majority of patrons are single sailors? Now with summer coming up ( we still have 7 days left) I am sure there will be more kids in there. We are signing up for the summer reading program and are going to start going to story hour, if it doesn't conflict with swim lessons.

    I am glad your home study went well. Knowing you I am sure there were no problems!

    I am sending you an email 'cause I need to ask you a couple of questions so be on the lookout!

  13. I am glad the home study went well, Susan!

    It's nice to know there's someone out there that has more review books waiting to be read than me. Okay, so barely. But it makes me feel a little less overwhelmed. :-) Your excuses are much better than mine though.

    The two times I've been to my local library, it was relatively quiet. Of course, it was during the school year and there weren't any kids about . . .

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

  14. You're the winner!!! email me at and let me know your address so I can send you Late Nights on Air


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