Review Schedule

Review Schedule

Despite my best efforts to save myself the stress of scheduled reviews, I have been unable to say no to them!  I seriously need an intervention.  Until then, here's my updated schedule.  Please note:  If you scheduled a tour stop with me and you do not see it listed below, that means I'm a complete airhead and I forgot to write it down.  Please contact me ASAP so I can fix the error.  Thanks!


May 2019:

7 - Invisible Heroes of WWII by Jerry Borrowman (Review) [Shadow Mountain]
20 - The Pumpkin War by Cathleen Young (Review) [Penguin Random House]
30 - Living Parables by Hank Smith and Kathryn Jenkins (Review) [Covenant Communications] - postponed by reviewer

June 2019:

3 - The Heart of a Vicar by Sarah M. Eden (Review) [Covenant Communications] - postponed by reviewer
10 - Daisies & Devotion by Josi S. Kilpack (Review) [Shadow Mountain] - posted 06.21.19
17 - Natalie Tan's Book of Luck and Fortune by Roselle Lim (Review) [Penguin Random House]
19 - A Family of Strangers by Emilie Richards (Review) [TLC Book Tours]

July 2019

5 - Once A Liar by A.F. Brady (Review) [BookTrib/Meryl Moss Media] - postponed by reviewer
11 - The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman (Review) [Penguin Random House] - posted 07.15.19
15 - The Oddmire: Changeling by Will Ritter (Review) [Algonquin] - postponed by reviewer
20 - Storm Blown by Nick Courage (Review) [Penguin Random House] - posted 07.22.19

August 2019

1 - Layover by David Bell (Review) [Penguin Random House]
13 - Ellie and the Harpmaker by Hazel Prior (Review) [Penguin Random House]
19 - The Perfect Son by Lauren North (Review) [Penguin Random House]
20 - The Chocolate Maker's Wife by Karen Brooks (Review) [TLC Book Tours]

September 2019

1 - Black Nowhere by Reece Hirsch (Review) [Little Bird Publicity]
10 - Strands of Truth by Colleen Coble (Review) [Celebrate Lit]
23 - Mother Knows Best by Kira Peikoff (Review) [Meryl Moss Media]
25 - Where the Light Enters by Sara Donati (Review + Giveaway) [Penguin Random House]

October 2019

13 - A Promise to Break by Kathryn Spurgeon (Review) [Celebrate Lit]
15 - Hope's Highest Mountain by Misty M. Beller (Review) [Celebrate Lit]
25 - The Art of Theft by Sherry Thomas (Review) [Penguin Random House]
28 - The Widow of Pale Harbor by Hester Fox (Review) [HarperCollins]


  1. I'm happy you can't say no :-) and happy to be on your review list!

  2. Dear Susan,
    (What part of AZ are you from? My son is a seminary principal in Queen Creek.)
    As busy as you are, I hope you can find time for my Nativity booklet.
    As the Christmas season approaches, most of us think of the birth of baby Jesus, and we try to make it more meaningful for us and our families. Here’s how you can help your readers with this. Would you please be willing to review this 26 page booklet from Cedar Fort Publishing about the Nativity and post it on your blog during our blog tour, October 17-24th? If so, please tell us your choice of days. THANKS!
    We’ll send you a complimentary copy. We’ll also furnish a “giveaway copy” for your readers. (Please give us your shipping address. ) People may purchase this booklet online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble, plus at bookstores. Its cost is only $4.99.
    A New Dramatization of The Nativity Pageant

    Would you rather read the nativity story or be a part of it? Using simple stage directions, easy-to-find props, two narrators, and a script that’s straight from the scriptures, this book helps you act out the familiar story of the first Christmas for your church, family, or friends. Start a new tradition this season with a simple pageant you’ll look forward to performing year after year.

    Brief Summary
    The Nativity Pageant starts with Angel Gabriel visiting Mary and ends with Joseph following the angel’s warning and taking his little family to Egypt, where Jesus will be safe. It takes about 15 minutes to perform, plus it has the lyrics to four traditional Christmas hymns, if people wish to sing them.

    Brief Endorsements of The Nativity Pageant
    “I love your beautifully written Nativity story. I hope you sell this play all over the world. What a blessing it will be to churches and families everywhere!”
    Elaine S. Dalton. Former LDS General Young Women President

    “All the resources and tools necessary to create a very meaningful production of the Nativity.”
    Larry M. Gibson. Former member of the LDS Young Men General Presidency
    “Neil’s respect for the original story, combined with his vast drama experience, will make this a valuable part of your church’s or family’s Christmas traditions.”
    Dr. Melinda Lambert Baird. Director of Education and Community Outreach,
    Steinway and Sons


    “Easy to perform and impactful in its simplicity and beauty.”
    Brian Kelly. Writer and editor of Church magazines and other LDS Curriculum

    About the author
    Neil Johnson is an active member of his Christian church, and he loves the Nativity story. He taught English and drama in school for 44 years. Neil and his current wife Sharee both lost their first spouses to cancer. They married and blended their family of 15 kids, and they have 52 grandkids so far.


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